Source code for edisgo.opf.util.scenario_settings

[docs]def opf_settings(): opf_settings = { # name of postmethod, right now this is just the scenario name and every scenario is handle in one problem setup # the so-called postmethod # for future extension define multiple postmethods in different julia files which will be call by the scenarioname "scenario": "nep", # objective function, DEFAULT "nep", future extension might include "generation costs" "storage costs" etc. "objective": "nep", # chosen relaxation, DEFAULT: "none", options: "none", "soc", "soc_cr", "cr", relaxation are described in # masterthesis "MULTIPERIOD OPTIMAL POWER FLOW PROBLEM IN DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM PLANNING" by Jaap Pedersen "relaxation": "none", # Dictionary of linked time steps in the format {linked step => original step} "clusters": {}, # upper bound on network expansion, int, DEFAULT: 10 "max_exp": 10, # number of time steps considered in optimization "time_horizon": 2, # length of time step in hours "time_elapsed": 1.0, # storage units are considered, DEFAULT:False, if true storage units will be located either at buses given in # "storage_buses" or if "storage_buses"=[] all buses are considered as possible locations "storage_units": False, # positioning of storage units, if empty list, all buses are potential positions of storage units and # capacity is optimized, entries of list need to be type "int" "storage_buses": [], # Only optimize operation of storages exported from eDisGo. Do not optimize storage positioning. "storage_operation_only": False, # total storage capacity in the network, sizing of storages is a decision variable and will be found in optimization "total_storage_capacity": 0.0, # Requirements for curtailment in every time step is considered, DEFAULT: False "curtailment_requirement": False, # List of total curtailment for each time step, len(list)== "time_horizon" "curtailment_requirement_series": [], # An overall allowance of curtailment is considered DEFAULT: False, "curtailment_allowance": False, # Maximal allowed curtailment over entire time horizon, # DEFAULT: 0.0, float "curtailment_total": 0.0, # Solver options # DEFAULT: IPOPT, right now only option "solver": "Ipopt", "solver_tol": 1e-8, # estimated working space for MUMPS if IPOPT, # smaller values might reduce required memory requirements, DEFAULT: 1000 # see: "mumps_mem_percent": 1000, } return opf_settings