edisgo.data package


edisgo.data.export_data module

edisgo.data.import_data module

edisgo.data.import_data.import_from_ding0(file, network)[source]

Import an eDisGo grid topology from Ding0 data.

This import method is specifically designed to load grid topology data in the format as Ding0 provides it via pickles.

The import of the grid topology includes

  • the topology itself
  • equipment parameter
  • generators incl. location, type, subtype and capacity
  • loads incl. location and sectoral consumption
  • file (str or ding0.core.NetworkDing0) – If a str is provided it is assumed it points to a pickle with Ding0 grid data. This file will be read. If an object of the type ding0.core.NetworkDing0 data will be used directly from this object.
  • network (Network) – The eDisGo data container object


Assumes ding0.core.NetworkDing0 provided by file contains only data of one mv_grid_district.

edisgo.data.import_data.import_generators(network, data_source=None, file=None)[source]

Import generator data from source.

The generator data include

  • nom. capacity
  • type ToDo: specify!
  • timeseries

Additional data which can be processed (e.g. used in OEDB data) are

  • location
  • type
  • subtype
  • capacity
  • network (Network) – The eDisGo container object
  • data_source (str) –

    Data source. Supported sources:

    • ’oedb’
  • file (str) – File to import data from, required when using file-based sources.

List of generators

Return type:


edisgo.data.import_data.import_feedin_timeseries(config_data, weather_cell_ids)[source]

Import RES feed-in time series data and process

  • config_data (dict) – Dictionary containing config data from config files.
  • weather_cell_ids (list) – List of weather cell id’s (integers) to obtain feed-in data for.

Feedin time series

Return type:


edisgo.data.import_data.import_load_timeseries(config_data, data_source, mv_grid_id=None, year=None)[source]

Import load time series

  • config_data (dict) – Dictionary containing config data from config files.
  • data_source (str) –

    Specify type of data source. Available data sources are

    • ’demandlib’
      Determine a load time series with the use of the demandlib. This calculates standard load profiles for 4 different sectors.
  • mv_grid_id (str) – MV grid ID as used in oedb. Provide this if data_source is ‘oedb’. Default: None.
  • year (int) – Year for which to generate load time series. Provide this if data_source is ‘demandlib’. Default: None.

Load time series

Return type:


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