The python package eDisGo provides a toolbox to analyze distribution grids for grid issues and to evaluate measures responding these. This software lives in the context of the research project open_eGo. It is closely related to the python project Ding0 as this project is currently the single data source for eDisGo providing synthetic grid data for whole Germany.

The toolbox currently includes

  • Data import from data sources of the open_eGo project
  • Power flow analysis for grid issue identification (enabled by PyPSA)
  • Grid reinforcement solving overloading and voltage issues
  • Curtailment methodologies
  • Battery storage integration

See Quickstart for the first steps. A deeper guide is provided in Usage details. Methodologies are explained in detail in Features in detail. For those of you who want to contribute see Notes to developers and the API reference.


Copyright (C) 2018 Reiner Lemoine Institut gGmbH

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