Notes to developers


Clone the repository from GitHub and change into the eDisGo directory:

cd eDisGo

Installation using Linux

To set up a source installation using linux simply use a virtual environment and install the source code with pip. Make sure to use python3.7 or higher (recommended python3.8). After setting up your virtual environment and activating it run the following commands within your eDisGo directory:

python -m pip install -e .[full]  # install eDisGo from source
pre-commit install  # install pre-commit hooks

Installation using Windows

For Windows users we recommend using Anaconda and to install the geo stack using the conda-forge channel prior to installing eDisGo. You may use the provided eDisGo_env_dev.yml file to do so. Create the virtual environment with:

conda env create -f path/to/eDisGo_env_dev.yml  # install eDisGo from source

Activate the newly created environment and install the pre-commit hooks with:

conda activate eDisGo_env_dev
pre-commit install  # install pre-commit hooks

This will install eDisGo with all its dependencies.

Installation using MacOS

We don’t have any experience with our package on MacOS yet! If you try eDisGo on MacOS we would be happy if you let us know about your experience!

Code standards

  • pre-commit hooks: Make sure to use the provided pre-commit hooks

  • pytest: Make sure that all pytest tests are passing and add tests for every new code base

  • Documentation of `@property` functions: Put documentation of getter and setter both in Docstring of getter, see on Stackoverflow

  • Order of public/private/protected methods, property decorators, etc. in a class: TBD


You can build the docs locally as follows (executed from top-level eDisGo directory):

sphinx-build -E -a -b html ./doc/ <outputdir>

To manually check if external links in the documentation work, you can run the following command (internal links are not checked by this):

sphinx-build ./doc/ -b linkcheck -d _build/doctrees _build/html

Internal links can be checked adding -n option when building the documentation. This will also raise warnings for type hinting, so it is a bit confusing, but can still be helpful.

sphinx-build -n -E -a -b html ./doc/ <outputdir>